Chelsea’s £60m mistake set to sit on the bench and haunt us for years, even though he’s an “expendable option”

Football London have today reported that Chelsea already see Marc Cucurella, signed for £60m just two years ago, as an “expendable option.”

This sort of language naturally gets Chelsea fans excited as it implies they’re happy to sell him – which we’re sure they are. In fact they’d love to get the majority of that money back by selling the former Brighton man on.

But the problem is not the willingness of Chelsea to sell; it’s the scarcity of buyers at any price we would accept. Those fans dreaming of getting a big wedge for the full back wake up to the fact that the big price we paid is not only money that’s already been wasted, but also likely locks him in as a Chelsea player for some time.

Unless we find someone more stupid than us (unlikely) or are willing to take a realised loss on his sale (even less likely) the only solution is to keep him around as a backup left back.

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