Delay reacts to old tweet of KiDi calling her an ‘illiterate’; KiDi reacts back

Deloris Frimpong Manso, a media personality and entrepreneur, has responded to one of artist Kidi’s old tweets that went viral yesterday.

Kidi has been trolling since yesterday evening, after some anonymous individuals unearthed some old tweets from 2013 and 2014 in which the artist used his Twitter page to bully public figures and important personalities.

According to one of the old tweets that went viral yesterday, Kidi previously described Delay as an illiterate. Kidi appears to have bullied not only Anita Akuffo and Yvonne Nelson on Twitter in the past, but also Delay.

He stated in a tweet at the time that he believed Delay was illiterate.

“I think Delay is an illiterate shrugs,” he wrote.

Delay in responding to an old tweet could not be avoided after a chance encounter. In her response, she stated that being illiterate is not a crime and that all that matters is that she has succeeded in life.

She did, however, include a link to an interview she did with Kidi on her show, proving that she is not, as described, an illiterate.

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