Erot!c video of Asantewaa and her manager leaked online

Asantewaa, a TikTok celebrity, is married, but Cassious, her manager, often gives Ghanaians cause to think the two are dating.

It is challenging to assume their interactions in the videos they post are solely professional.

Once more, the netizens’ camp has provided them with material for conversation.

Asantewaa was speaking to her admirers about rumors that her spouse had filed for divorce when her manager entered the room and placed his head on her chest in a very sensual and passionate way.

While savoring the occasion, Asantewaa was also tugging at her manager’s beard like a woman in love.

Her manager further disclosed that Asantewaa, who is married, went to the club to party nonstop and became very inebriated while there.

Asantewaa said that her husband is abroad and that, contrary to rumors, they haven’t divorced in the same video.

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