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How a demon appeared in front of Wa School for the Blind

Dating back to my childhood days, I was a young but courageous young man, who used to walk from A section of Duori where we resided to Kambali to say hi to my lactating wife who had put to bed a lovely baby.

That was my first child and it was normal that I visit them daily to see how life was treating them. I could go there in the morning and return home late in the Night, approximately around 1 to 2 am.

My grandmother at one point advised me not to go home late at night, she advised that I spend the night anytime time exceeds 11 pm. I saw the suggestion to be a problem for me, I was like a nocturnal individual who loves to roam at night sometimes.

On one occasion I was on my way home to Duori from Kambali when I saw a beautiful lady positioned close to Wa School for the Blind. It was around 2pm, I walked in the Opposite Direction close to the Wa Jenjen Stretch so she shouted, “young man I need your help, kindly help me carry this bag of mine, I’m late to the station and can’t find any means of transport to convey my load”.

I looked at her about 40 meters away and realized she was actually dressed like a traveler preparing for a journey but I declined to go near her, this was because per my Traditional upbringing, I was adviced never to go near things I can’t identify at night, I was also educated that some things we see late at night aren’t normal things we see during the day, some of such things including goats, dogs, women, birds etc.

This guided me to avoid the Woman, I walked away for some few meters and on turning around I couldn’t see her any longer, this created some form of panic in me but I wasn’t so surprised because I was informed about such issues.

This happened over 30 years ago and life has an interesting way of repeating this so be guided as an individual like I am.

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