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Kevin Taylor to be deported

A self-proclaimed preacher who identified himself as Jeremiah the Prophet has announced that Kevin Taylor would be deported to Ghana.

US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor ousts Angel Broadcasting Network CEO Adonko Bitter in a fight with Angel TV/FM media practitioner Nana Yaa Brefo You will be remembered for making threats.

The statement prompted some to plead not to go ahead with the planned CEO revelations of Kevin Backdoor, who he believes is a man of peace.

During an appearance on Ghpage TV, the Prophet Jeremiah Arthur tells Kevin Taylor that he knows about Adonko Bitters so Ghanaians can know if something evil is going on. I urged him to disclose everything.

He went on to say that all companies, including Adonko Bitters, have an underlying ethos, and that ethos can be good or bad. He further claimed that Dr. Mr. Kweku Oteng couldn’t start this big company, he had nothing to support his company, which could be good or bad, but in this case, it’s about him and his God. said it was a problem between

The Prophet Jeremiah warned Kevin Taylor to be clear about where he was going unless he had evidence to back up his statement, but he [Jeremiah the Prophet] said that Kevin had nothing to do with Dr. Taylor. I know you are not against it. Kuwak Oten has.

He said the only thing Kevin could do was covertly arrange for Nana Yaa Brefo to be fired from Angel FM/TV.

The Prophet Jeremiah further believed that, given the circumstances, there would be someone with great secrets about Kevin Taylor as well, which would result in the US government deporting Kevin Taylor to Ghana. revealed that there is

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