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New leak audio of Dr Grace Boadu causes ‘fear’ and ‘panic’

The aftermath of Dr Grace Boadu’s death has been full of drama. Recall that just a few days after her tragic death, Pastor Kingsley Gyamfi aka Bible Nokwafo who was set to marry the late herbalist threatened to expose the deceased’s family.

Just a few days ago also, Kwaku Manu played a 3-second audio that captured part of the alleged last-minute Dr Grace Boadu.

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Amidst all these, a new audio that has surfaced on social media dives deep into how Dr Grace Boadu accused her ex-husband who’s a military officer of causing the death of her twin kids.

As emotionally revealed by the late Dr Grace Boadu, her ex-military husband fled home after doctors told her that she had just 3 weeks to live because her womb had been damaged hence the blood that had been clotted inside her needed to come out by all means.

He also emptied her bank accounts and left with her money. In the audio, Dr Grace Boadu was lamenting to her uncle whom she trusted.

She tirelessly pleaded with him to facilitate the arrest of her military husband.

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