Please, do not make friends with married woman – Kwabena Kwabena advise young men

Kwabena Kwabena cautions single men to abstain from forming close relations with married women. He said that doing the contrary equals spelling your doom.

The highlife musician started by saying that this is the first cardinal rule every young man should follow once they step out into the world on their own.

“To single men, please take this advice. I beg of you when you start life, be very careful. Don’t befriend someone’s wife. It is dangerous. Don’t take a married woman as your friend. She is not your friend. Her friend is her husband. Period.”

He iterated that if a woman marries, her only male friend is her husband. All other unrelated men in her life should be treated as acquaintances.

“As a young man, when you start living, and when your female friend gets married, she ceases to be your friend. She becomes an acquaintance. Her friend is her husband.

Don’t make her your close friend because it will bring you problems.

“Even if you see a woman in a serious relationship with someone else, give them space. Someone’s girlfriend cannot be your girlfriend,” Kwabena Kwabena concluded.

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