PNC have abandon me – Bernard Mornah cries

Bernard Mornah has shared his ordeal about how his political party, the People’s National Convention (PNC), seems to be vindictive towards him after removing him from his position as National Chairman.

He disclosed on Peace FM’s”Kokrokoo” panel discussion program Tuesday morning that the current crop of leaders in the PNC has estranged him to the extent that they don’t even invite him to their meetings any longer.

Bernard Mornah felt very sad while talking about the treatment he’s been subjected to by his party.

“I have never been invited to any party meeting. Yes, just check around. You know I won’t lie. I’ve never been called to any party meeting but I continue to be a member of the party and I speak on issues that I feel are of concern for my party and I defend party positions on many instances. But I have not been invited at any ground for any party meeting anywhere”, he narrated.

To him, the behavior of the party’s leadership towards him gives him the impression that he was removed so he will have no connections with the party.

“Probably, part of the reasons for which I was removed is that I should not be closer to the party”, he lamented.

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