Should Ladies Make The First Move? Here Are The Two Sides To This Argument

At this point, we’re all used to men making the first move in matters of romance, but these days with the rise of feminism and women speaking up for equality we had to wonder if all of that applies to the dating scene. Should a woman really make the first move? We asked women how they felt about making the first move in relationships and here is what some of them had to say on the issue.

This Person Doesn’t Believe It Has To Be Complicated At All

You Dey Barb? Life Is Too Short To Be Playing These Games


Once Again, It Is Literally This Simple

Then Again This Is How Things Happen Isn’t It? Women Exist And Men Shoot Shots

Why Change The Natural Order Of Things Erhn?

This Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today 😂

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Someone Should Tell This Woman, Please

It Doesn’t Matter At The End Of The Day

Because It Takes Two People To Make A Relationship Work

And From Guys’ Point Of View There Is Only Thing To Do:

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