Social media in chaos as actress drops names of men she infected with HIV on Facebook

A young upcoming actress with the name Ruth James on Facebook who hails from Kenya announced a few days ago that she will name over 100 men she has slept with and infected with HIV.

According to the young lady 100 men from the list are on Facebook and already they are dying from anxiety to find out if their names are on the list.

On Tuesday, Ruth James posted on her Facebook page: “I want to expose everyone I have given HIV”. The post from her got Socia media buzzing.

Despite hundreds of comments on her posts telling her to seek help, she went ahead to post again:

“Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress,” she posted in her local dialect. (You are joking with me. 100 men on Facebook are so much stressed up and will die soon).

Well, Ruth James has carried out her threat by revealing the names and identities of the over 100 men she has slept with and infected with HIV. The list is indeed long.

Ruth James claims she is exposing the men because they used and dumped. She revealed most of them took advantage of her and she won’t take it anymore.

Below is the link she droped

List of men infected with HIV by Ruth James

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