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VIDEO: Boyfriend travels from Mali to Ghana to k!ll girlfriend over cheating

Boyfriend has k!lled his girlfriend over cheating allegations all because of her WhatsApp status.

A guy known as Dominic has k!lled girlfriend, Victoria Tetteh, over cheating allegations.

The incident happened at Dunkwa-Mfuom in the Central Region of Ghana.

Dominic, an excavator operator met Victoria a hairdresser at Dunkwa-Mfuom in Ghana, and they have since been dating.

Work moved him to Mali whiles the girl remained in Dunkwa with her hairdressing job.

The boy whiles away in Mali to work has been complaining about the girl’s attitude of posting men on her WhatsApp status but the girl has none of the complaints.

When he traveled back to Ghana, he confronted the girl in the presence of her sister and the confrontation escalated.

When the sister moved away from the scene to call for help, she returned with the helpers only to see that Dominic had k!lled Victoria with cement block.

He’s since fled the town with no traces of his whereabouts.

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