WATCH: Daughters of Glorious Jesus are bad Christians, don’t listen to them – Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro has slammed the Daughters of Glorious Jesus for claiming there is nothing wrong with Christians listening to secular music.

Prophet Kofi Oduro, a firebrand, has taken on legendary gospel musicians Daughters of Glorious Jesus over an opinion they expressed on United Showbiz.

The legendary gospel group revealed on last weekend’s United Showbiz that, despite being Christians, they listen to some secular music.

They mentioned how much they enjoy Kojo Antwi’s music and explained that as a married Christian, listening to love music with your husband is perfectly acceptable.

On the same show, Pastor Abraham Lamptey mentioned that he likes some of Samini’s songs.

This angered Prophet Kofi Oduro, who decided to preach about it in church.

Watch the video below:

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