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WATCH: Ghanaian female bankers tagged the most disrespectful people

An old lady has disagreed with the public opinion that nurses are the most disrespectful professionals in Ghana claiming the actual people are female bankers.

It has always been in the mouth of some netizens that when it comes to people who are disrespectful in regard to their work then no occupation can overtake nurses with some even claiming they lack sympathy when dealing with patients.

A woman whom we believe has experienced or has dealt with some workers of different institutions has asked that people stop calling out nurses because the most disrespectful people are female bankers.

According to the woman who recorded a video to share her experience, said she wonders if because these females handle money so they think they are better than people who come to the bank.

She shared that on a day when you walk into a random bank and you meet 10 ladies the is always the possibility that two out of that 10 people would smile while attending to you.

The rest she mentioned always frown their faces when attending to customers as if they are better than the customers who they are supposed to serve.

She summed all up by saying that its because of some of this attitude that is why majority of their partners cheat on them because they always want to feel superior.

Watch her video below:

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