WATCH: Ghanaian highlife legend raped me at gunpoint at age 16 – Woman alleges

US-based Ghanaian woman, known popularly as Comrade 1, has revealed that her auntie’s husband, a high-life musician, raped her at gunpoint while staying at his house.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Comrade revealed that her auntie offered to take her off the streets and sponsor her education. However, her auntie’s husband (late Senior Eddie Donkor) raped her.

“I was happy to go and live with them, but they didn’t take me to school. I became a housemaid in my auntie’s house. He woke me up one night, pointed a gun at me and told me to follow him.

Then he told me I should allow him to have sex with me if I didn’t want to go back to the street. It continued for so long while I lived in their house,” she indicated.

According to Comrade, she reported the late musician to her auntie, but she beat her up and told her never to mention it to anyone.

“My auntie also started treating me badly. One day, I got tired of the rape and the ill-treatment and told him that I would go back to the streets if he didn’t stop pointing his gun at me.”

Moreover, Comrade revealed that Eddie Donkor persuaded her to join his band and save up for her education, but the sexual assault continued on their treks. She alleged that the late musician had sexual relations with her female bandmates.

Comrade, I lived most of her life on the streets of Nima after her parent’s separation. Comrade mentioned that she had to resort to street life and flee her father’s house at age 14.

“My father would ground ginger and put it on the tip of my vagina. Then he would rape me after that. He broke my virginity. The second time he tried to rape me, I shouted, and the neighbours came to my rescue, but he beat me up severely. I left his house and never went back,” she said.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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