Watch moment Frank Naro’s bodyguard beat the hell out of Big Akwes

Big Akwes’ hatred and intimidation of singer Frank Naro are unfathomable. At the very least, the Kumawood actor wishes to instill fear and panic in Frank.

Big Akwes slapped Frank Naro in public a few months ago for shaking his hands at an event.

Other actors and Kumawood celebrities had to restrain Big Akwes from causing further damage in the video that captured the moment.

This incident drew widespread condemnation, with social media users accusing Big Akwes of slapping Frank Naro.

As if that wasn’t enough, Big Akwes tried to intimidate the young actor and singer again during a football match organized by Oboy Siki at Kumasi Bremang Astro Turf.

Big Akwes bullied Frank Naro for the third time at a football match organized by Kumawood actors and YouTubers at Techiman.

Big Akwes, as seen in a video from the scene, splashed a sachet of water into the eyes of Frank Naro, who was seated on the pitch looking exhausted after the game.

Big Akwes’ pointless oppression irritated Frank Naro’s bodyguard, who retaliated on behalf of his artiste.

Big Akwes would have been crushed if it hadn’t been for the presence of some Kumawood actors. They came to an agreement.

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