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WATCH: Some soldiers allow friends to chop their wives when they are away – Ghanaian soldier wife drops bombshell

US-based Ghanaian lady, Serwaa has disclosed that some soldiers in the US army have agreed to open relationships and others allow their best friends to have s.e.x with their wives instead of strangers.

In an interview on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, the Kentucky-based nurse married to a soldier mentioned that open relationships and marriages are common among whites. However, some Ghanaians have agreed to it.

“It happens a lot. They call it open relationships. Your soldier partner allows you to have s.e.x with other people when they are on deployment. They try to avoid divorce because they could reduce their ranks, etc.”

“I see such relationships always. Some allow their best friends, and others prepare strangers. It is among the Ghanaians too, but they are a few,” Serwaa said.

The mother of three added that despite the difficulties of being a soldier’s wife, she understands and supports her husband’s job. Her mindset makes it easier for her to stay without her husband during his deployment.

Moreover, she mentioned that depression and loneliness kill many people in the US. According to her, the noise in Ghana is life for her.

“If it weren’t for my children, I would have moved back to Ghana.”

Kindly watch the full interview:

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