Why Fotball Will Remain our Best Entertainment Source

As I grew up, one of my most cherished memories involved playing football matches in our backyards, using nothing more than small poles as goalposts. Even now, those memories remain vivid in my mind, as I relish the opportunity to indulge in similar games on Sundays or even weekdays. However, nothing quite compares to the sheer joy and excitement of those childhood football battles in the backyard. Whenever this topic arises, every Ghanaian kid appears to have a tale to share. It’s as if these games have etched themselves into our very souls, forever reminding us of the pure bliss and camaraderie we enjoyed

It truly becomes a great experience when you are the proud owner of the ball, and it becomes even more thrilling when the game takes place right in your own backyard. As the esteemed ball owner, you hold the power to dictate the rules of the game, and no one dares to challenge your authority. Moreover, when the game unfolds in your very own domain, you have the privilege to determine the game time, mark territories, and exercise complete control over every aspect. It’s an absolute thrill.

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How it All Started

Back at home, I used to think I was the king of the court. I could dribble circles around everyone at the park, but let’s be real, they weren’t exactly NBA material. However, when it came to school, it was a whole different story. I barely scraped by whenever they picked players for teams. It didn’t help that the few kids from my neighborhood who went to my school would always rave about my skills to the teachers. But it seemed like my size was always holding me back.

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I was determined to change that. I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy me a ball for school, but they were hesitant. They didn’t see the point, until one fateful day when my dad finally decided to watch me play in our backyard game.

He was more than excited. The next day, I closed from school to meet a brand new leather ball called ‘No Jesus No Life” on my bed. I grabbed the ball and took it straight to my mom to ask about it. Then I was told it was for my young brother. I almost cried because that little boy couldn’t even kick a ball into a pole. The joy in my eyes as I thanked my dad was something else. I asked my Dad if I could take it to school this coming Friday and he said yes I can. I told no one about my new ball until Friday when I pulled up to school with a brand new leather ball.

How It Ended

It was an exhilarating moment when I discovered that this ball surpassed the ones owned by the school. All eyes were fixated on me as everyone eagerly yearned for a chance to kick it. In that instant, I felt like a true king. The class prefect suggested that we participate in a match against another class during our physical education session, and to my astonishment, I was tasked with the responsibility of choosing the players. This incredible opportunity led me to become the captain of our class football team. Our goal was to astound everyone, and I must say, we went above and beyond in achieving it.

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I became the football captain in junior high, reaching new heights. Despite my skills, fate had different plans; a pro football career wasn’t in the cards. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the cherished memories I have to share. Life is a thrilling adventure as I pursue my degree. Whenever I see a game, I can’t resist joining to test my enduring skills.. It’s truly exhilarating to discover that my footballing touch remains as sharp as ever. Football, to me, is not just a mere pastime; it is a burning passion that ignites my soul. I make it a point to relish every moment spent playing and watching this beautiful sport, for it brings me immeasurable joy and excitement.

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