4 Different Types Of Ghanaians When A Romantic Movie Is On

Believe it or not, not everyone who watches romantic movies is doing it because they love the idea of love or because they’re a romantic themselves. In fact, there are 5 distinct types of Ghanaian romantic movie watchers. If you’re a romantic yourself some of these types might even shock you.

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The Haters


These are the people who would rather be chewing popcorn to a spine-chilling horror movie than be watching that sappy shit that you’ve put on, and they will make sure that you know it. Guy runs through the airport to catch his girl? The hater is going to be the person who gets angry because the main character is shouting and disturbing people at the airport as if it’s not a movie they’re watching.

The Overly Emotional People


These are the people who always end up way too invested in the movie that they’re watching. We all know that somewhere in the middle of a romantic movie the couple has to split up in order to add some spice to the movie. The overly emotional person will act as if it’s their own relationship that just ended and you’ll find them snot-nosed and crying their eyes out as if they can’t just go on Google and see that the couple got back together.

The “God When?”


If you think these people are only under the tweets of couples on Twitter then you’re wrong. These people are actually everywhere. They’re the unlucky in love and the gnashers. Even the first kissing scene in a romantic movie will have them going “God when?” as if God spends all his time playing match maker to horny humans.

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The Unromantics


These are the people that will watch the romantic movie alright but will make sure that they feel absolutely zero (zip, zilch, nada) during the entire course of the movie. Guy spends a shit ton of money filling a room with flowers? The unromantic person is that person in your friend group who will be telling you how much crypto they could buy with that money.

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