5 Students Talk About Being In Relationships Without Any Commitment

If you’ve been on Twitter any time since yesterday, then you might have noticed that one of everyone’s favourite couples is making the trends for apparently … well, not even being an actual couple. So we talked to some students about how open they are to a relationship without commitment or being in a ‘ship’ that is not a relationship.


From my point of view, a relationship without being committed means a man and a woman who have agreed to have sex without dating, and they are also allowing themselves to see other people. The man provides the woman with whatever she needs (money) whilst the woman provides the man with pleasure (sex). In short whatever you ask the man he will provide it for you and whatever he will also ask you, you will give it to him. Simple and straightforward🥳.

Kwesi Poku

Personally I don’t have an opinion. When two adults decide on what to do with their lives I don’t think it should be any big deal to observers. As far as none of them feel used, I’m not sure it should be any big deal to anyone.

Kofi Nyarko

We are friends, we eat ourselves with no strings attached. In short besties!!! It’s perfect.


When there are two close friends that also provide sexual pleasure to each other without complications and are able to roll as friends nonetheless why should someone from outside have a problem with it.


Alright so you have a sexual relationship between a man and a woman but they’re not dating. They just like spending time with each other and doing things with each other. To be honest, this is the sort of arrangement that guys like and if the girl agrees it’s just because she likes him too much to say no.

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