Daughters Of Glorious Jesus reveals ‘weird’ reason they don’t file for awards

After their significant musical breakthrough in 2004, the well-known Ghanaian gospel music group Daughters of Glorious Jesus disclosed that they had never submitted an application for the Ghana Music Awards (GMA).

Their major goal as gospel singers, according to them, is to win accolades and change people’s lives via music while also spreading God’s word. They stated this in a live studio discussion on Joy Prime.

We don’t bother with the paperwork, but you must go get one and fill it out. Winnable souls for Christ are our first goal; accolades come second. For that reason, I won’t comment on how fantastic the awards are.

We are not thinking about it at this time since our calling is distinct, and you will stray if you allow yourself to become sidetracked. We are thus oriented,” they said.

They did, however, state that if they were nominated by a third party, they would still attend the event even if they would not purchase paperwork to complete.

“Go ahead and pick it if you want to do it for us; we’re good,” they said.

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