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I owe my love – Leak audio of Dr Grace Boadu confirming that she owes boyfriend Bible Nokwafo

The passing of Dr Grace Boadu has brought to light a contentious financial dispute between her family and her boyfriend, Bible Nokwafo, concerning a significant sum of money.

Before her unfortunate demise, Dr. Grace Boadu disclosed to her family that she owed her lover, Bible Nokwafo, a substantial amount of money amounting to 1 million Ghana cedis, equivalent to 10 billion old Ghana cedis.

This revelation comes from a financial transaction between the couple, where Bible Nokwafo provided financial assistance to Dr. Grace Boadu for her real estate project.

The late Dr. Grace Boadu had embarked on a real estate venture but encountered financial difficulties during the project’s execution.

In a gesture of love and support, Bible Nokwafo generously loaned her 1 million Ghana cedis to inject into the building projects, under the assumption that they would share in the profits together as partners in the venture.

However, Dr Grace Boadu later received advice from her mother, to clarify to Bible Nokwafo that the Ghc 1 million is a loan and not an investment fund.

Dr. Grace Boadu then recorded a video confirming that the 1 million Ghana cedis was indeed a loan and not an investment.

In the same audio, she told her family to repay Bible Nokwafo the borrowed sum upon her demise, to prevent any potential misunderstandings regarding ownership of the properties in the future.

Since the passing of Dr Grace Boadu, it has been reported that her family has avoided any communication or interaction with Bible Nokwafo, leading to speculation that they may be unwilling to honour the financial obligation owed to him.

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