“I’ll love my wife more if she cheats on me” – Okyeame Kwame

A fairly unusual viewpoint on infidelity in partnerships has been voiced by Ghanaian rapper, Okyeame Kwame. Bola Ray in a StarChat interview.

Since it would represent openness in their relationship, the artist claims he would be grateful if his wife was forthright about adultery.

Emphasizing the importance of honesty in a partnership, Okyeame Kwame said he would love his wife much more if she confessed to adultery.

“I’ll love my wife more if she tells me she cheated on me because it means I’m in a relationship with an honest human being,” he stated.

As the activist had previously said in an interview, he is not personally impacted by his partner’s adultery.

“ I”I don’t refer to Annica as my wife. She is “the wife of Okyeame Kwame,” and we both understand that. Once you get too attached to someone, their actions will greatly affect you. When you break your heart, you’ll see yourself crying, refusing to eat, and becoming less productive at work. This is not how it should be. If my wife cheats on me, she is rather disgracing herself and not me, so why should I let it affect how I go about my day?”Okyeame Kwame narrated.

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