Serwaa ‘Amihere’ hot as Medikal exposes her alleged affair with married men for money

Rapper Medikal has ignited a storm on social media with startling accusations against two individuals named Serwaa, as revealed in one of his recent tweets.

The ongoing trending topic of Serwaa Amihere and Henry’s bedroom video scandal has been further amplified by Medikal’s remarks, intensifying discussions across social platforms.

In a tweet, Medikal asserted that there are two girls named Serwaa in Ghana, both allegedly engaged in relationships with the same man for financial benefits and luxurious trips.

Medikal hinted that he possesses information and videos concerning these two Serwaa individuals, but he refrained from disclosing further details, citing his current mental state as rational and thus not conducive for releasing such sensitive content.

These tweets have sparked curiosity and speculation among netizens, prompting questions about the identities of these Serwaa women.

Some have already speculated that one of the Serwaa individuals in question could be the embattled GhOne TV Presenter Serwaa Amihere.


The situation continues to evolve, and further updates are anticipated as the story unfolds.

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