These Facts About Tennis Will Make Your Day

Let us look at some facts about Tennis you probably did not know about. These will make your day. Check it out below;

Tennis Origins in Twelfth-Century France

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Twelfth-century France traced the roots of tennis, playing it as a handball game called ‘Pauma’ or palm. Players manually exchanged a ball, and as time progressed, they introduced a black leather glove. This glove evolved into the first sports implement by adding a handle.

The Name ‘Tennis’ and its Monastic Origins

Monks in the twelfth century are believed to have played an earlier version of the game, linking the origin of the name ‘tennis’ to it. In their rendition, the game comprised throwing and catching a ball while shouting “Tenez,” meaning to take heed.

Unconventional Scoring System – 15, 30, and 40

Unlike many other sports, tennis roots its scoring system in medieval France, where they supposedly used a clock dial to display scores. The hand moved to the next quarter (15, 30, 45) for each point scored, and the game concluded when a player reached sixty points.

Tennis Courts Fit for a King – Henry VIII’s Legacy

King Henry VIII of England established a court for tennis at Hampton Court Palace. A similar court, built in 1625, still exists and is in use today, although the original court no longer stands. Initially played by royalty and affluent members of society, the All-England Croquet Club in the suburban district of London continues to host the game for royalty and wealthy patrons.

Major Walter Wingfield and the Invention of Tennis

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In 1873, Major Walter Wingfield invented tennis as we know it today. Furthermore, he designed a version of lawn tennis to be played outdoors on a field and named it ‘Spheritic,’ which is Greek for “playing ball.” This iteration of the game gained popularity among the affluent English on grassy fields.

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