Will we do it differently from our parents? Twitter talks about ‘a new way’ of parenting

No one has to tell you what the traditional Ghanaian way of raising children involves. However, a lot of people in our generation are of the opinion that things should be done a little differently.

In fact, certain people have thought out the strategies they’re going to use when they have kids of their own and they’re sharing online! A Twitter user asked how people were planning to raise their kids and if we’re being honest, some of these responses you could never foresee.

Some People Are Bent On Keeping It Old School Because It Just Works

Word Of Mouth? 😂😂

Other People Think It’s Important To Remember That Your Children Are Individuals Of Their Own

Variation Might Be More Important Than Choosing Just One Strategy


For Anyone Who’s Yet To Be Born, Listen. Definitely Avoid Choosing This Guy As Your Father

This Was Just Uncalled For 😂

Yes. ‘Bebree’ Is Definitely The Right Word

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