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3 men sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for stealing cassava

Three former convicts have been sentenced to six months of hard labor each by the Agona Nsaba Magistrate’s Court for stealing cassava valued at GHC1,800.00.

The convicts, Ernest Saakwa (35), Emmanuel Amoaning (33), and Yaw Oboom (32), pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit a crime and stealing, with the court ordering the sentences for both offenses to run concurrently.

This was not their first encounter with the law, as they had previously served three months in jail for stealing plantains, as pronounced by the same court.

The recent incident involved unlawfully harvesting cassava from a farmer’s field, leading to their arrest.

Detective Chief Inspector Aglagoh Lawson, acting as the prosecutor, presented the case, stating that the complainant reported the theft on November 5, 2023. The convicts admitted to uprooting the cassava and selling it for the mentioned amount.

The sentencing has generated mixed reactions on social media, with some arguing it is harsh, considering the possibility of hunger, while others perceive them as notorious thieves due to their track record.

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