4 Perks Of Being A Last Born Child In A Ghanaian Family

Everyone knows that in this world you are either born a last born or you’re born to suffer for the last born. It’s funny because older siblings will complain about how the last born is being babied by everyone and then proceed to pamper the last born themselves. Here are 5 perks of being a last-born child in a Ghanaian family.

Sometimes You’ll Get Some Really Good Hand-Me-Downs

Everyone knows that the last born gets hand-me-downs from their older siblings when things don’t fit or when the older siblings new things. And while that’s usually annoying because the last born will get hand-me-down clothes instead of brand new ones, sometimes it can be a very good thing. For instance, when an older sibling gets a new phone and their current one is already a flex magnet it can feel like Christmas for a last born.

It Doesn’t Take Long For You To Become An Aunt Or Uncle

Being a last born you get all the cute parts of a baby. You can play with them and let them bring some of that baby joy into your life, but here’s the most important part; at the end of the day you get to return the baby to their parents. All the perks and none of the work.

You’re Always Allowing Cash Out

Having so many siblings coming before you means one very important thing. It means that at any point in time you have options when it comes to who to ask for some momo. You can even take your time cycling through your various siblings and that means you’re basically never broke.

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However, Sometimes The Love Is Too Much

It’s great being a last born because it comes with a lot of perks. However, sometimes the love is just too much. What that means is that you can’t even go out with your friends past 10 pm because you have so many people who love you so much and want you to be safe that it just spoils any adult fun you want to have. Even when you feel like you’re plenty adult enough to take care of yourself.

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