4 Things That Ghanaian YouTubers Do That Annoy Everyone Else

The Ghanaian YouTube has grown so much in such a short amount of time. And these days there are several creators that we all love. However, even with how much we look forward to our favourite YouTubers videos Ghanaian creators have some annoying habits that just get on everyone else’s nerves:

So Everyone Has Been Asking About (Insert Thing No One Asked About Here)

Natural hair image source: I am Lewa on Youtube

This could be true for all we know. Maybe people have actually been asking where certain influencers buy their beauty products and clothes from. The reason the phrase has become so annoying is that every single influencer says the same thing when they’re trying to sell you products or recommend a vendor.

A 3 Minute Introduction To Their YouTube Channel


We know that YouTube needs your videos to be long before you can earn money from them, but that doesn’t mean that just the welcome to your channel should take three whole minutes. And that “Welcome to my YouTube channellll” that everyone uses also doesn’t help.

They Show Memes Every Other Second


Putting memes in between your YouTube video content is definitely a great way that you can make the content more engaging, but when there’s more meme than video, then the people watching are going to get angry.

Telling A Story In The Longest Way Possible


Story-time YouTube content is one of the more popular types of content that Ghanaian YouTubers create and most of the time we love those videos. However, sometimes the story ends up dragging so much that you miss the point that the creator is making altogether.

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