5 Poses Men Should Learn If They Want To Take Over Their Girlfriends’ Snap Stories

It is very possible that you do not have photos on your socials because you do not know how to pose. Your woman wants to show your photos to her girlfriends but she has to lie that you just don’t take any photos. Calm down. If this opinion is pressing your chest, you need this article more than we thought you did.

Truth is that a bomb outfit will always make you look good in photos but fact is that these 5 poses will definitely get her to show you off on her socials. We guarantee it.

Back towards the camera

She doesn’t want to see ‘Heyy girl, I am coming to you as a woman’ in her dms right after she posts you. Help her confuse people by posing with your back facing the camera. Is it you in the photo or could anyone have the side of your face? They will never know!

Looking on your phone

If you are confident that she’s the only one you are with, look at her texts on your phone and smile. You will have her running to her stories to post and not tag you cause… Well, you know why.

Mean Mugger

Women want their man friendly to them but not other women. Bite down on your teeth to show your jawline, lightly hold your wrist and look away. Sunglasses add the extra touch. Once the photo looks like it will get her friends to say, ‘He looks mean’, you know the mission is accomplished.

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Fix your sleeves

This pose is specifically for when you wear a kaftan, long-sleeved shirt, or a suit. Can’t fix the sleeve of your Polo short-sleeved T-Shirt, can you? That’s just weird. You can decide to walk towards the camera or stand with your feet apart. Pretend you are pulling your sleeve at your wrist with your thumb and index finger and Voila! Like magic, you’ll be posted with a couple of hearts and a smiley face.

Letting the boys breathe

We saved the best for last. If you’re sitting, place your legs a couple of meters apart and lean back. If you have a beard, try scratching it and smiling. You can look away from the camera for that unaware photo effect. If not, place your arms on the armrest to avoid looking awkward.

If these poses don’t get you on your girl’s story, we do not know what will.

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