5 Reasons Why Being In A Ghanaian Family’s Group Chat Is A Nightmare

Ever since the elderly got on WhatsApp (and yes, I mean you parents and mine) it’s been hard to completely dodge them online. Even if you stop using WhatsApp entirely in favor of Snapchat and other apps that are less prone to the elderly, they’re going to guilt you in real life for not interacting with them online. So that’s how you end up being an unwilling participant in your family group chat. Here is every single reason why we hate being in a Ghanaian family’s group chat.

The Good Morning Messages

We swear there is some secret source of good morning messages that you can only discover when you become a parent or auntie. For us their children though, those messages are usually always an instant blue tick.

The Conspiracy Theories

The thing about these WhatsApp conspiracies is that every single week a new one pops up. You think you convince one of your parents or aunties that a conspiracy is bogus and then almost immediately 3 new conspiracies spring up in its place. Have you heard the one about your favourite musician’s being in the illuminati? Yes, conspiracies from the 2010’s are making a comeback.

The Public Roasting

How can you get to your final form as a bad bitch or bad man when you’re in a family group chat. If you even think about getting a second piercing or dyeing you hair, the entire group chat is going to hear. “See what your nephew has done. Come and talk to him o”

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You Literally Cannot Exit Them

How are you going to get out of the family group chat. Exiting normal group chats is hard enough because of how public the exit is, and then you’re trying to exit the family group chat? Even if you end up having the balls to leave, someone is just going to add you right back.

The Long Periods Of Silence

When you’re in a family group chat, sometimes the chat just dies. The parents will keep sending the good morning messages but when everyone else stops replying that’s just it. You have to call time of death on the group chat.

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