5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Boo How Much You’re Earning

Money is one of those things that always makes for uncomfortable conversations, especially when you’re in a relationship. Most people have different thoughts on whether you should or shouldn’t tell the person that you’re with how much you’re earning. Here are 5 reasons why that’s definitely a bad idea.

You Might Come Across As Arrogant


Depending on how early into the relationship you are, bringing up your pay can be a turn-off. You especially don’t want to bring up how much money you make in order to try and influence a partner’s feelings about you. If you’re a woman, even if your income does come up naturally, in this part of the world you still risk being labelled as arrogant just because of how much you make.

They’ll Start Expecting Things From You

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There are always going to be expectations when you’re in a relationship. Men usually play certain financial roles when they’re coupled up. However, when your partner knows how much you make, they can start feeling entitled to your money. They might expect more than you’re comfortable giving. And then if you’re a woman who earns more in a relationship, it might make your partner reluctant to spend on you because you can afford things for yourself anyway.

You’ll Be Judged For The Things You Do/Don’t Do

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When your partner knows how much you make they will judge you for your decisions. They will judge you for spending on certain things when you don’t make too much. And then if you do earn enough, they might judge you for being chisel with your spending.

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There Will Be No Ego Drama


Yes, we’re all progressive online. However, when money is disclosed in a relationship it can affect the power dynamics in that relationship. This is usually the case when a woman earns more. You’ll find a man feeling insecure and going on ego trips simply because the woman that he’s with earns more than he does.

You Are Not Married

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The argument can be made that full disclosure will help a relationship to last. However, you are not married. You are dating. This means that your relationship is already not as permanent as a marriage. Do you want to tell everyone that you’re going to be with how much you make?

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