7 Things That Feel Illegal In Ghana But Are Actually Not

If you’re Ghanaian then you know that Ghanaians have a very strong sense of values. That means in Ghana even when you do something that’s not technically illegal it can feel like you’ve gone to kill someone. Here are 11 of those things that feel illegal to Ghanaians but aren’t actually illegal.

Sitting Down While Your Mother Cleans The House

No words can describe that awkwardness when you’re sitting in a room that you mother is cleaning. In some houses you might be able to push through the discomfort and remain seated, but in some other places if you don’t get by the count of three the insults that will rain down will change your entire life.

Not Paying The Trotro Fare For Someone That You Know

It’s an unspoken rule in Ghana that when you sit in a trotro with someone that you know that you have to pay their fare as well as yours. However, with the way that prices are going up lately if you don’t pay for someone that you know then I’m sure they’ll even understand.

Adding Stew To Jollof Rice

If someone has cooked Jollof for you and you ask for stew then you’re basically insulting their Jollof. Not to mention the judgement that you’ll also get from anyone who sees you eating that atrocious meal.

Staying In Your Room And Pressing Your Phone When Everyone Else Is In The Hall

Another thing that feels illegal in Ghana but isn’t is when the entire family is in the hall for some family time and you’re the only who excludes yourself. If you’re ever in this situation then you should be aware that there’s going to be a guilt trip coming up.

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Going Into A Store And Not Buying Anything

Why are you walking into someone’s store and giving them hope when you know that you’re not going to be buying anything? This can be so embarrassing when you walk into a supermarket and you come out the same way you entered not having bought anything.

Watching Your Mom Do The Dishes When She Asked You To Hours Ago

When you’re still trying to find the energy to do the dishes that your mom asked you to do ages ago and you realize that she gave up on you and decided to do it herself it can feel so so bad.

Replying To A Text After 2 Days

At this point you might be tempted to not even reply at all. Replying to a text after 2 days is always going to make you feel like you’re doing something very very wrong.

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