Akua GMB puts her big nyash on display to tease Afia Schwarzenegger

Akua GMB and Afia Schwarzenegger’s overt beef may be over but it’s not done by any means.

After days of back and forth insults, Akua GMB and Afia Schwarzenegger both stopped their attacks abruptly after Afia accused Akua of being pregnant for a prominent man of God.

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The accused pastor apparently has so much clout that he got both parties to stop their fight and bloggers who accused him of being Akua GMB’s baby daddy has also apologised.

However, whilst the overt war is over, the covert one is just beginning.

Akua GMB has decided to throw some subliminal shades at Afia Schwarzenegger, rebutting some claims she made during their beef.

She shared a video flaunting her mansion whilst at the same time looking gorgeous and flaunting her mega bum bum!

Afia Schwar had called Akua ugly and lamented the fact that she had gotten a mansion and car from Dr Kwaku Oteng and hence everything in this video can be clearly seen as a way to flaunt her beauty and success in Afia’s face!

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