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Angry Chereponi residents lynch robber after botched operation

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Irate residents at Chereponi in the North East Region on Wednesday lynched an armed robber in a failed operation.

The suspect and another person are said to have attacked and robbed passengers onboard a Benz bus from Tamale to Chereponi at about 8 pm.

Local media reports luck eluded him as he was restrained by a policeman who was off duty and subsequently lynched by residents.

“The bus was travelling from Tamale to Chereponi and a few minutes to the town, two robbers attacked the passengers and started taking their monies and other valuables and one police officer who was not in uniform arrested one of the robbers and was later lynched by some angry residents that gathered around the car,” a local reporter, Abdul Kudus narrated to Accra-based Citi News.

The accomplice however run for his life after a failed shooting attempt.

Two guns were retrieved with the body of the deceased taken to the police station.


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