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Any Government who fails to take responsibilities has no business in power-Timothy Awotiirim

The former Member of Parliament for Builsa North, Timothy Awotiirim, has contended that any government who fails to take responsibilities has no business to be in power.

The one-term MP highlighted the necessity for leaders to take ownership of both assets and liabilities.

He highlighted that criticizing former President Mahama should prompt immediate action or resignation, reasoning being that citizens voted for problem solvers.

“Any government that fails to take responsibility has no business to be in power both in terms of assets and liability, anything you speak against Mahama, that is the very day you should leave office, because the people of Ghana voted for you to be problem solvers,” he told Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah on Angel Morning Show.

He added that the longstanding debate between the NPP and NDC regarding the management of Ghana’s assets and liabilities was resolved seven years ago. He stressed the need for a focus on effective governance and efficient management of the country’s resources to benefit all citizens.

“The debate between NPP and NDC has been solved 7 years ago and who’s better manager of Ghana assets and liabilities it has been solved by the issue of voting,” he added.

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