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Can you donate your organ in Ghana? – This is what the new law will do

The government has announced plans to implement a law permitting organ donations by the end of the year.

Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare, the Presidential Advisor on Health, emphasized that the legislation will also oversee organ transplants and related procedures.

This move comes in response to growing demands within Ghana to facilitate organ donations, which could significantly aid in saving lives.

He mentioned that a draft document has been submitted to the Ministry of Health by a consortium of healthcare professionals advocating for tissue and organ transplant initiatives.

The proposed law aims to regulate various aspects of organ donation, including the donation of vital organs such as eyes, hearts, and kidneys in the event of accidents or fatalities.

He stressed the importance of parliamentary endorsement to ensure legal clarity surrounding organ donation and transplantation processes.

“There is a draft document which has been sent to the Ministry of Health by a group of health professionals who have interest in tissue and organ transplant. So, there should be tissue organ donation and transplant law so that people can donate, for example, their eyes for cornea transplant.

“They can donate their heart, they can donate their kidneys or whatever if they have an accident or in case of accident or in case of death. We should have a law passed by Parliament, to back it so that there will be no legal issues of organ donation and transplantation. And this is what we are working together with the Ghana Health Service.”

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