Checkout 11 Jobs Men Can Never Do Better Than Women

Some decades ago, women were generally seen as people with so much limitations when it comes to strength and energy. A lot of work that need physical strength or intelligence are believed to be for the men folk. But most of the time, as men continue to underestimate women’s abilities both physically and intellectually, they forget the fact that women are also blessed with certain peculiar strengths and abilities which they, the men have very little of it or even lack completely. In recent times, however, women have come to prove excellence in various jobs and activities.

The funny part of it is that the demands of these jobs or activities even surpass that of other jobs men boast about. In case you have been seeing women as people who are just there to lean on the men, you’ll certainly have a rethink after reading this. Here are 10 good jobs in which men cannot compete with women.

1. Secretary

Whether it is a personal secretary, secretary to a company or just an association, ladies do far better than men in this area. Their smartness, alluring smiles and beauty makes the whole atmosphere very welcoming. Also, women are more meticulous when it comes to organisation, arrangement and tidiness. Whenever you have them as secretaries, you rest assured that all things would be in its proper place and your office will look its best. In addition, since secretaries are meant to receive and keep to the instructions of their bosses all day, the bosses in turn prefer to deal with women other than men. Moreover, women have the ability to effectively listen and type at the same time which is one of the major roles of secretaries. Women are therefore found to be perfect for this position.

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2. Receptionist and Customer Care

Just like the secretary job, receptionist and customer care are also jobs where women do much better than their male counterparts. One of the major reasons for this difference is that women are more appealing and could make customers feel much at home than men. This gives the business a welcoming front and image. When it comes to making and receiving calls, either face to face or through the phone, women are great because of their polite and sweet voices which may get to change a lot of the customers’ views and reactions to the organisation.


3. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising play very vital role in every business. It is through these media that the goods and services provided by the firm is brought to the knowledge of the target audience  and prospective customers. It has been proven over time that as a result of their sensitive nature, females can get better knowledge about the demands of the people more than men. Also, their sense of humor and passionate nature helps them relate better with people thereby create better chances of making sales. A woman can advertise a product with much ease than a man and also create better goodwill among the people.

According to Lipstick Economy, “women marketers approach marketing differently. Men tend to think in linear, hierarchical terms. They want the facts, the numbers and the statistics. And the same goes for male marketers. Women (and women marketers), on the other hand, tend to approach topics more contextually, interconnecting knowledge, experiences, facts, opinions, relationships, goals and dreams in a non-linear, web-like manner.”


4. Hairdressing and Beauty Salon

It is true that men are beginning to get involved in the beauty business, yet women’s performance in this area remains unrivaled. On some occasions, it seems like they are doing quite well because of the ladies that get attracted because it’s the opposite sex, yet with a critical look at the whole thing, women stand tall as hair dressers and beauty specialists. They know exactly what to do at each point in time to give you the best look that suits your taste and nature. They’ve also started grooming men, so it’s no longer a big surprise to walk into a salon and see a female barber; they do great jobs!

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5. Restaurant and Shop Attendant

When it comes to attending to people in eateries, men cannot stand side by side with their female colleagues because the latter are best at it. It is an indisputable fact that female attendants both in eating houses or shops have greater ability to attract both male and customers better by giving them smiles and their good behavior. 100% of times more tips in money are received by the females as compared to a man. Therefore, men will never match up the female in his profession. The competence and dominance of women in this profession could be the reason for the rib-cracking grammatical error spotted on a sign post somewhere which reads: “MALE SALESGIRL WANTED”! Lol…

Waitress reading specials to people in restaurant

6. Pre-school/Nursery School Teacher and Special Tutors

Women are naturally sensitive, passionate, caring, patient, tender and loving, and these are some of the vital qualities needed for teaching children and people with special needs. Women hardly give up or get frustrated easily. They are the ones, with their motherly nature, who could understand the physical and mental needs of the kids and know the best way to flow with them and make them learn. Men can hardly find a place for themselves in this field as they lack the stamina and tolerance associated with child care and education.


7. Manager and Supervisor

This may sound incredible or ridiculous to most men but it is just a fact. According to studies, female managers tend to provide regular feedback to help their employees achieve their development goals than male managers. This goes a long way to build employee passion and loyalty which is very health for the growth of every business. Female managers are not only more likely than male managers to encourage their subordinates’ development, but they’re also more inclined than their male counterparts to check in frequently on their employees’ progress. Also, women are more patient and are better listeners than men, and this is exactly the skill that is most critical for managing employees and customers. Finally, women have this instinct that women are not natural leaders, therefore whenever they find the opportunity to lead, they do everything possible to see that things go well. They do not leave situations to chances.

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Beautiful and confident business woman looking serious and making eye contact

8. Cleaning and House Keeping Jobs

Cleaning and house keeping jobs mainly involves sweeping, mopping, dusting furniture and equipment, window washing (inside and out), and garbage removal. Men are not good at cleaning as women. They lack that ken eye that observes and notices the slightest dirt lying around the corner. Women on the other hand are perfectionists when it come to cleanliness and aesthetics and for this reason do this job better than men.


9. Fitness Instructor

One of the most common exercise where women are instructors is the yoga. Yoga is a discipline originally from India that involves meditation, breath control, bodily postures, and relaxation. Yoga has benefits for the body and the spirit, benefits that are not specific to any gender. The body of females are on most occasions more flexible than that of men and that is one of the reasons why they can act as better fitness instructors. On the other hand, men usually feel embarrassed, confused and not comfortable to make some fitness moves in the public.


10. Nursing

There is a saying that smoke cannot be emitted without the presence of some fire, therefore, have you ever wondered why the number of female nurses far outweigh that of males? One of the reasons that stand tall among others is that women make great nurses because they are just natural caregivers, and their mothering instincts are not just limited to their children but to everyone under their care and custody.


11. Counselling

Women have the ability to listen and feel a person’s woes with him. That’s one of the reasons people of both prefer to seek help from them other than men. They are able to empathize and create a link between them and their client which makes it easier for them to open up and have their problems tackled properly.

Young Woman Having Counselling Session

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