Drama as pastor and his side chic get stuck while doing it [Photos]

There was utter shock mixed with amusement in Namatala Mbale, Uganda after an unfaithful man got stuck with his side chic while having sex at Triple Zero Guesthouse.

The man was cheating on his wife with another lady and his manhood failed to pull out.

It was reported that as at the time of reporting this, efforts were still being made to release them.

It’s no longer a news as it has now become a normal phenomenon.

In April 4, 2017, another married woman and her lover from Bungoma were caught after they got stuck while having sex.

Serious Drama as Man and His Side Chic Get Stuck While Having Sex in Uganda [Photos]The unidentified woman who has been married for five years, was caught with her lover stuck at a room in Plan B Hotel, Chwele town.

It was also reported that crowd who stormed the hotel had wanted to lynch the lovers, but police men around the scene disperse them with teargas before rescuing the naked lovers.

The two lovers and the woman’s husband were taken to Bungoma Police Station.

Serious Drama as Man and His Side Chic Get Stuck While Having Sex in Uganda [Photos]According to the reports, the woman left her home on Thursday, November 17, to go have her usual fun with her lover not knowing her husband has heard her stories and has gotten charms from a native doctor residing in the same town.

While they were having sex, they suddenly got stuck and couldn’t move away from each other prompting them to start shouting for help. People later came around and carried them with a mattress.

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The lady’s husband then advised them to take them to the native doctor who gave him the charm as she was the only one that can separate them.

The witch doctor later separated them and the man was made to pay for the services.

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