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Five Lesser-known Rules Of Soccer

Ever wondered if soccer fans truly understand all the ins and outs of the game? Although some scenarios may rarely unfold, it is crucial for the referee to establish and acknowledge all the rules. Let’s delve into six key points highlighting the nuances that make soccer so intriguing.

No Second Touch on a Penalty Kick: When it comes to penalty kicks, there’s a unique twist. If a player kicks the ball, hits the bar, retrieves it, and scores, the referee disallows the goal. Once the player kicks the ball, it’s a one-shot deal.

External Objects and Goals: Imagine this: the ball is heading for the goal, and only an external force can stop it be it a dog, a streaker, another ball, or even bottles. In such cases, regardless of how close the ball was to scoring, the goal is not awarded.

Prioritizing Fouls: In the case of two fouls happening simultaneously, the referee must penalize the more severe one. If a player both grabs another’s jersey and tackles them in the throat, the throat tackle takes precedence over the shirt-grabbing.

No Scoring from a Throw: Throwing the ball directly into the goal is a no-go. Additionally, every player must maintain a minimum distance of two meters from the thrower until the ball is officially in play.

Referee’s Field Intrusion Duty: It’s not just about making calls on the field. It is the duty of the referee to prevent any unauthorized entry onto the playing field. This means dealing with streakers attempting to run across the pitch during a live match, although it’s usually the staff members who chase after these intruders.

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