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GES Director-General Sends Message to Trained Teachers Awaiting Recruitment

Are you eagerly waiting for recruitment into the Ghana Education Service (GES)? The Director-General has a message just for you. As you anticipate the opening of the GES portal, uncertainty may be high.

Seeking answers, reassurance, and career guidance, you are not alone. Dive into the message directly from the GES Director-General to awaiting teachers.

Stay informed, prepared, and optimistic as you navigate this period of anticipation. Let the words from the Director-General provide you with the clarity and motivation needed as you await your next professional chapter in the education sector.

Message From GES Director-General
Await eagerly for the forthcoming message from the GES Director-General. The message is one of encouragement, emphasizing the importance of persistence during the recruitment process.

The Director-General recognizes the training opportunities you have undergone and assures you of job security within the GES. Moreover, the message highlights the potential for career advancement within the education sector.

Will there be recruitment this year? – “There will be, just be a little patient as we work around the clock to get it done” – Dr Eric Nkansah

Can’t you give us a date, the trained teachers are tired of staying at home – “I urge you to exercise some patience as we are working timely on your postings.” – Dr Eric Nkansah

You always say soon, Dr How soon are we talking about – “very soon” – Dr Eric Nkansah

Necessary Documents for GES Application

To complete your GES application, you’ll need to gather the necessary documents. Here is a list of the documents you’ll need for your GES application:

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Birth Certificate: You’ll need to provide a copy of your birth certificate as proof of your identity.
Senior High Certificate (WASSCE): You’ll need to submit a copy of your Senior High Certificate to show your educational qualifications.
Junior High Certificate (BECE): You’ll also need to provide a copy of your Junior High Certificate to demonstrate your academic background.
NSS certificate
SSNIT Number / TIN: You must have a Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) number or a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to complete your application.
NTC Certificate: You’ll need to upload a copy of your National Teacher Licensure Examination certificate as proof of your teaching qualifications.
Make sure to gather these documents before starting your GES application to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Good luck with your application!

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