Going to school won’t make you rich – Kennedy Agyapong

NPP firebrand and Assin Central MP, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has argued that it is better to learn a lucrative trade or skill than to go to school and get many useless degrees.

Speaking in an interview on his NET 2 TV station, the moneyed business mogul and politician argued that the fact that there’s no professor billionaire is a clear indication that schooling alone won’t get a person rich.

Kennedy Agyapong might be right in a way because most of the world’s billionaires are school dropouts but have been able to beat the odds and become successful in their respective fields.

Most of the graduates in Ghana are unemployed and sadly, they don’t have any skills to establish small scale businesses on their own to survive.

It’s past time we as Ghanaians start paying attention to vocational and technical education because that’s the only way to reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

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