He asked me to lie down and he raped me – Mzbel recounts terrifying encounter with armed robbers

Musician Mzbel has recounted a harrowing experience she endured at the hands of some armed robbers who invaded her home.

In an interview with Bra Emma for his Guinness World Record’s (GWR) longest interview attempt, she said the robbers woke her up with a forceful blow to her back, causing her to jump out of bed in panic.

Upon opening her eyes, she was confronted by several masked intruders who had concealed their faces with bandanas and handkerchiefs.

She revealed the assailants held her at gunpoint while demanding all her valuables and cash.

In a state of panic, Mzbel complied and showed them her belongings in a bid to protect her son and the other guests she was accommodating.

“They ordered me to give them all my items and my money and I panicked and told them where it was. They collected all my money and I also showed them where a few things were hidden.

“Afterward, he ordered me to lie down and he raped me in my bedroom. Another robber also dragged me to the kitchen where he also raped me,” she narrated.

Mzbel revealed she was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was treated and offered counselling.

The perpetrators were eventually apprehended, jailed and later died in prison, she said, adding that it brought her a sense of closure.

“They were arrested and a few years later I heard they died in prison or so. I didn’t have to do anything evil or curse them because I knew nature would pay them back,” Mzbel added.

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