“How can someone be tying wrapper inside hotel room” – Man drags wife, netizens react (Watch)

Netizens react as man drags his wife online for wearing wrapper after they lodged in a hotel.

The report was shared on social media by @chichi18061991 who shared photos of the couple.

They were seen in a hotel room in the viral photos as the wife stood in one of them responding to her husband who dragged her over her choice of outfit in a hotel room.

The man himself was seen lying down on the comfy hotel bed.

He wondered why she should be tying a wrapper while they’re together in a hotel room.

Reactions have followed;

@wizarab10 said: “Why did he snap her and post? No privacy in marriage anymore.

By the way, I don’t see what the problem is.”

@bhal_kisss said: “everything is now for content. see what a grown man is doing. sigh!”

@Kontrolla19 remarked: “He’s wrong for posting her but wearing lingerie is the only way to go ooo..make my future wife no try this in Jesus name ..”

@selfmadeceleb3 commented: “When I marry nobody will see the leg of my wife on social media,but till then I will keep posting girlfriends ”

@TheICan1 stated: “That’s a lame move‼️

From a clout chasing Man

Let the Woman leave!”

@iamteelove_love penned: “Maybe she wants to bath na, but I can’t see myself doing this.”

See post below;

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