How Chelsea’s Mason Mount trick saved them last year – but leaves them exposed now

It’s an international break, so that of course means back to speculating about Chelsea’s financial situation.

TalkSport had self proclaimed “football finance expert” Stefan Borson on their show with Simon Jordan this morning, and as per usual he did his best to hype up the chances of us getting some kind of punishment for overspending under the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules.

One interesting thing that was noted on the show was that Mason Mount’s sale to Manchester United was put through as a sale for last year, not this year.

“There was an assumption with Mason Mount, because he was announced on Manchester United’s website on July 1 that [his sale] had been put into this current season,” Borson noted.

“So the £55million of profit was in this season. It now transpires that Mason Mount appears to have been transacted in 2022/23 and that is how they got through [FFP rules].”

“Which means they’ve now got a £55million bigger hole this season,” Jordan added.

So while that decision appears to have helped us squeeze under the limits for 2022/2023, we now are going to have to find that same money for 2023/2024.

All of these discussions are pretty speculative though – Chelsea could yet sell £200m of players, or they could sell £2m. Until we know that, we don’t know what

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