How Do I Tell My Husband Our Child Is Not His – Confused woman

The weight of not bearing children has destroyed a lot of marriages and relationship.

Often times, the pressure from people around the couple compel them to sacrum to all sorts of methods to get pregnant.

But the burden of keeping the paternity of a child from ones husband is beyond comprehension.

Well, a married woman, who was raped and got pregnant in the process is in a dilemma of whether to tell her husband or keep it as her little secret .

I was raped and I kept that information from everyone. My husband at some point suspected something was wrong with me but I could not tell him anything. I was afraid it might change his perceptive about me. I didn’t want him to also feel sorry for me, so I couldn’t open up.

I used a few excuses to get him off having sex with me over a week. Then I got pregnant. At the hospital I couldn’t stop crying when I was pushing my baby out not because of the pain in childbirth.

The rape incident couldn’t get out of my mind that day. I have seen the way my husband adores our child.

I was drugged and raped, I don’t know how many times that day. But they left their semen inside me. It happened so fast I don’t get a grip.

Is this something I share with my husband? or speak to a psychologist instead?

The weight of it still burdens me.

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