How to Sell Your Music For Money as a Musician

Your musical journey will be a blast if you know how to make income from your music. Not gaining profit from something you do lowers our interest in that particular thing all the time. This scenario also applies to music. Without making profits as a musician, you will not be able to make new songs, feature other artists, and produce quality music videos. If you are a musician or an artist manager, reading this article will be very resourceful to you trust me. Let us together dive into how to make money from your music as a musician.

  1. Create a quality song

The first thing you need to consider as an artist is to produce higher-quality music. How the quality your sound defines your brand. You should not just release anything because you want to make money but also remember that the quality of the song is more important. To do this, find the best people or producers to mix and master your song for you to meet the standards.

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2. Build an Online Fan Base

As part of the guide to earn money from your music, try as much as possible to increase your online presence. Have social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. This will help you gain access to fans who will stream your music.

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3. Choose a Music Distribution Company

To upload your music to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube music you need a distribution company to handle the task for you. They will send it to the stores on your behalf and collect your royalties for you.

4. Encourage Fans To Stream Your Music

After submitting your song to the music stores, the next thing you will do is start sharing and encouraging your fans to listen to your song. This way, you will be able to earn a couple of streams and money from your music.

5. Stay Engaged with your fans

After all, if you don’t get interactive with your fans, the above strategies can never work for you. By doing this, will also gain loyal fans who will be available anytime you need them.


As an artist, you should always remember that the music business is not easy and it should be taken seriously in other to earn something from your music. I hope the above strategies help you in your new music career. Thanks for reading.

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