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Husband butchers wife to death after DNA test revealed he isn’t the biological father of their daughter

An Israeli man has been arrested in Uganda after confessing to police that he killed his wife because he discovered her alleged infidelity when a DNA test showed he isn’t the father of their 6-month-old daughter.

Police in Mpigi District arrested Raed Wated, 58, on Sunday, July 16, 2023, on suspicion of murdering his wife, Monica Nabukenya, 26.

He then led investigators to a septic pit where his wife’s decomposing corpse was found after relatives alerted police about her disappearance.

Police had to break open metal bars that had been wielded over the pit’s opening.

Ugandan media cited police and officials in the Kalagala Village where Wated lived as saying the couple had fallen out over his suspicions that Nabukenya had been unfaithful.

This prompted him to take their daughter for a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test.
Husband butchers wife to death after DNA test revealed he isn’t the biological father of their kids

“Wated decided to take the child for a DNA test and it so happened that the results turned negative,” a police statement reads in part.

The DNA test revealed that Wated was not the biological father of the child. The couple also have a 5-year-old child.

When he returned home and after some confrontations, he decided to kill his wife, dump her body in a septic tank in their compound, and partially cover the corpse with soil.

In the interrogation process, detectives at Kayabwe Police Station asked the suspect to take them to his home. On their arrival, they were hit by a stench of a dec0mposed body. They searched and found it in a septic tank.

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After questioning, He admitted killing his wife because of the negative DNA test results,” the police statement read.

Confirming the incident on Wednesday, July 19, Dauda Hirigi Were, the Katonga Regional Police commander, said the suspect reconstructed the murder for investigators.

“He confessed that he killed the wife because what she did — to sire a child with another man — is an abomination in their culture,” he said.

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