I Love My Cousin But I’m Afraid To Tell Him!!!

I’m a 28 year old lady who finds herself attracted to her 25 year old male cousin. Yes, I said it my cousin.

I want him to know it too, but I’m so afraid. We are first cousins, my father and his father are brothers and we were raised together, so we’ve known one another all of our lives. Now when I say together, I don’t mean that we lived together, but we’ve done family vacations and family functions here and there together.

I am so surprised by my sudden interest because I’ve always looked at him as my little cousin. The attraction all started at my uncle’s funeral, his dad and I noticed how strong he was for his mom and I thought to myself, oh how sweet, and I was impressed. Then after the service as we were standing outside I walked up to him and we hugged and it was the most warm and strong hug that I ever received in my entire life.

Seriously, it did something to me and I had to pull myself away because it felt that good. At first I was thinking maybe it’s the grief, but it’s more than that and since then he’s been on my mind.

My cousin was raised so well with such a great upbringing that he possesses all of the qualities that I would love to have in a mate. He’s humble, respectful, and intelligent. His calm and mature demeanor is a serious turn on.

I wanted to know how to tell him. Phone, email, text, or in person. I don’t want too much time to pass before I see him again.

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I know we would be perfect for one another, except for the fact that he is my cousin. Help. No negativity please, this is driving me crazy…Thanks

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