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I Want To Support My Boyfriend’s Business, Is It Worth It?

I want to support my not all that rich boyfriend with GHS40,000 in his business to make him the kind of man I want to call my husband. Can you and the Mano family help me if I’m making the right decision?

He currently wants us to marry because he’s afraid of losing me, but I want him to get his dream office before we settle. When he finally makes it, won’t he ignore me? I know when men aren’t financially stable they stay with one woman, but once they become financially okay, then they start misbehaving.

He’s been on my neck about going to see my people and marrying in two months’ time. I told him he should get a stable job before the marriage, and upon deep conversation, he told me his business plans, and now all that he needs is funds to kick start.

I am a 30-year-old health worker posted to this galamsey town, and I met my boyfriend there who is 34, an electrical engineer. He used to own an electrical shop years ago before I met him, but it’s closed now. This guy has potential ankasa (really). Now he wants to get a space where he can wholesale cables and electrical gadgets. This place is a cluster of towns, and he believes selling those stuff will generate lots of income.

He is a seasoned electrician where the kind of things he does marvels me, but he gets contracts one by one that give him money. At times he gets major contracts, and most times minor stuff that pays like GHS100, GHS200, GHS500 GHS, and GHS1000. I was posted to this town, and he came to fix my ceiling fan, and we became friends from there.

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Along the line, I got sick, and he brought me to my family in Kumasi. He said he couldn’t see me journey 9 hours alone with my condition. I got back from my sick leave, and we started dating. He’s sweet; he treats me with care. He respects me ankasa (really) to the extent that I now prefer him to my fiance who’s a medical doctor.

We chat like friends, make fun of each other, we fight and make amends. At first, I just wanted to have kokoss with him, but now I’m in love with him. And I can feel he’s fallen over heels for me. I feel so safe and happy with him.

He’s not rich, but he’s not broke too; he takes care of himself alright. At times he gives me GHS100, GHS50, the highest money he’s given me is GHS140. And all these are monies I don’t really need. When I’m with him, he buys me food that I want. Most times when I go there and I know I will spend like a day or two there, I send food for us to eat.

I’m born and raised in a city; he was also raised in Kumasi, and he schooled in Accra, so his eye open paa that I know if he gets money, aa he will get swag paa. We have lots of differences; I’m a bit pretty with a good body and with a look you can tell I’m rich, but I’m not rich. When I got to that town, I was already driving a car my dad gifted me. The entire hospital and the town knows that my electrician boyfriend doesn’t deserve me.

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It’s sad I’ve had two people reproach me on why I’m dating such a guy who’s not got any better work doing. Someone even told me that it’s because he had a history of womanizing (that’s what at least two people told me), but for the past 6 months I’ve been with him, I haven’t seen anything of such.

He tells me people change. He was young and did lots of nasty stuff, but one person can change a man for good. My house is just a 5 mins walk away from his. Most times I’m there when I’m bored. He’s been able to build a one-bedroom apartment for himself.

He loves me, and I love him, but people think he’s a loser. What I’m seeing in him others ain’t seeing. Sometimes I get fed up and tell myself I’m too good for this guy, but then I still go to his place for comfort. Most times he says things that make me know sɛ (that) he naa knows sɛ (that) he’s not my class and that I can leave him at any time, which I always assure him that I’m not any big girl biaa as he and others see me. I’m just privileged, and I need a happy home plus a money home, not just a money home.

Right now, he ticks all my boxes except money, and I want to help uplift him, open up his wholesale shop again so that when he’s not getting contracts to work, he can be generating money from the shop to help take care of me and the kids. I’m tired of people thinking for me the kind of man I deserve. Maybe if he gets his own business and becomes a big man, small, we will have a comfortable and happy marriage.

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Should I give him the money now that he is my boyfriend, or I should wait after marriage then I support him? Or should I just forget this supporting him agenda and go for my already rich doctor, marry him, and go on with my life? I’m confused. He doesn’t know I have that kind of money, so I want it to be like I took it as a loan from my brothers to him so that we draft a legal contract, and he pays back in installments.

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