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Komenda College of Education ‘Recruits’ Students as Teaching Assistants for National Service

The Management of Komenda College of Education has called back thirteen (13) students to serve as teaching assistants in the college for their mandatory national service.

This decision was made possible through the efforts of the college’s management, who worked in collaboration with the National Service Secretariat to place these students within the college.

These individuals, who successfully completed their programmes of study at the college last year, have been selected to assist in various departments, aiming to contribute to the development of the college.

During an orientation session held on Thursday, 28th March, 2024, the Principal, Very Reverend Professor Kwesi Nkum Wilson asserted that these individuals were carefully selected to come and serve their departments as well as the college in their respective capacities.

The principal encouraged them to view their appointment as an opportunity to serve and do more for their departments and the college.

He stressed the importance of them serving as role models to the students and urged them to deliver their best.

Professor Wilson also shared the good news that the college would provide full support to them.

This included free meals, accommodation, utilities, and even access to the internet services on campus.

He encouraged them to consider furthering their studies and provided links to international schools for them to explore.

Very Reverend Professor Kwesi Nkum Wilson concluded by calling on them to refrain from causing any confusion within their departments and instead strive to bring about improvement and progress.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Theophilus K. Bassaw, enlightened them on the objectives of the national service.

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He emphasized the expectations that the National Service Secretariat had for them and elucidated on their responsibilities as NSS personnel within the college.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Theophilus Kwesi Bassaw, outlined the objectives of the National Service and the expectations from the National Service Scheme (NSS) and the College these Teaching Assistants must adhere to..

Mr. Bassaw also outlined the rules and ethics that they must adhere to as members of both the NSS and the college.

Additionally, the Chaplain of the College, Rev. Wilson Kotey Kotei, provided guidance on how they should interact with their superiors, colleagues, and students.

He stressed the significance of them fostering positive relationships, as that would contribute to favorable outcomes within their departments and the college as a whole.

Mr. Mark Eghan, the Quality Assurance Officer of the college, wrapped up the orientation by enlightening them on the effective communication channels within the college setting.

He showed them the college organogram and how they should channel their grievances and requests as members of the college community.

The personnel who began their service on 18th March 2024 and are expected to complete their duties in March 2025.

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